'Our grandson's blood cries out from the grave'

Grandparents of newborn murdered in shooting attack demand PM build new community in name of their grandson, Amiad Yisrael.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Chaim Silberstein and his wife
Chaim Silberstein and his wife
Eliran Aharon

Chaim Silberstein, the father of Shira Ish-Ran, who was wounded in a shooting attack at the Ofra Junction last week, called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to take significant steps in response to Arab terrorism.

Silberstein asked the prime minister "to take quick concrete actions in response to these attacks. It is inconceivable that this should be the order of the day. We should respond very strongly so that the abominable villains will receive a message that they will receive 1,000 times what they are trying to do to us."

"We demand and say to the prime minister that the appropriate response is more settlements, more neighborhoods, more homes. We want a settlement in the name of our grandchild whose blood cries out from the grave, and that the settlement will be named Amiad Israel after him, and that settlements will be built in all of Judea and Samaria and that there will be not just promises but deeds."

Silberstein spoke at the first press conference which his daughter and son-in-law Amichai held together since both were wounded in the attack.

The couple spoke of the miracle that they both survived and thanked the medical team which treated their injuries.”

“It is so wonderful to be part of the [Jewish] people,” the couple said, saying they had received “letters, messages, and visitors all the time, to the point that we had to tell people to stop. They sent flowers, food for Shabbat, candy from Jews all over – it’s just amazing.”

Amichai said that the couple’s son, Amiad Yisrael Ish-Ran, who died three days after his birth, had brought people across the country together in prayer, despite the briefness of his life.“Our baby managed to do in the three short days that he was alive more than what the rest of us manage to do…he simply brought us together…everyone came together and wanted to join together to strengthen us. Everyone felt connected. I’m so proud to be part of this people.”

Shira expressed her thanks to the Shaare Zedek medical staff and paramedics who helped save her life.

“I want to give special thanks to the hospital staff. It isn’t easy to be a patient. Words cannot describe how much support they gave us emotionally and physically. Thanks to the paramedics, who saved my life. And of course, thank God.”

“I lost a great deal of blood in the terror attack, and I needed a lot of blood transfusions. I feel like the blood of the entire Jewish people is flowing through me, strengthening me with every step. The Jewish people is strengthening me physically. The blood of the entire Jewish people is coursing through my veins right now – not my [blood] at all – and it gives me a great deal of strength.”

Shira's mother said she was expecting a long process of rehabilitation. ''Our beloved Shira, she has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her. All the time we are faced with the miracle that she is alive. Many things that could have happened did not happen, damage that could have been done that was not done."

"There are still injuries that need to be addressed. She is undergoing surgery tomorrow. She is an unimaginable heroine. In the past few days she has suffered greatly but is a heroine. The people of Israel are not afraid of a long road."

Amichai's father spoke about the difficult days the family face faced. "We are exhausted, we have not had easy days, not a simple week at all. We have also experienced stress and many hours of waiting, eating less, sleeping less. But at the same time, we have also seen wonders, even in the process of their rehabilitation, also in the embrace of the Jewish people embraces us throughout the period."

"This gives so much strength that it will really be possible to go through this period in an optimal way. Of course the routine of life has been cut off and we must return to it, but with the help of G-d we will return to it strengthened," he stressed.

Shira, 21, was shot in the abdomen and had to have a Caesarean section even though she was seven months pregnant. The baby's condition deteriorated and he died three days after being born.

The baby was laid to rest on the Mount of Olives after being given the name - Amiad Israel.