Hamas takes credit for murder of unborn child

Terror organization formally takes responsibility for the murders of Jewish man, woman and unborn child in two attacks.

Arutz Sheva ,

Fetus (illustration)
Fetus (illustration)

Terror organization Hamas formally took responsibility Friday for two terror attacks in which a Jewish man, woman and unborn child were murdered and six people injured.

In a statement, the terror group said that the perpetrators – Salah al-Bargouti and Ashraf Na'alwah – had belonged to Hamas.

Both terrorists were killed this week by IDF forces.

The organization hailed the two men as "martyrs" and noted that Na'alwah managed to evade the IDF for two months before being located and killed.

Na'alwah murdered Ziv Hajbi and Kim Yehezkel-Levengrund at the Barkan Industrial Zone in early October.

Bargouti murdered an unborn fetus this week when he fired at Jews near Ofra, wounding six. One of the wounded was the pregnant Shira Ish-Ran, whose fetus died as a result.