'PA can be a political body or sponsor of terror-not both'

US Ambassador David Friedman condemns PA for paying salaries to terrorists after bloody attack at Givat Assaf kills two soldiers.

Tzvi Lev ,

Ambassador Friedman
Ambassador Friedman
Flash 90

The United States Ambassador David Friedman condemned the Palestinian Authority's (PA) policies that reward terrorists after a gruesome shooting attack near Givat Assaf killed two IDF soldiers.

"In the past week Palestinian terrorists have killed or wounded 14 Israelis in multiple attacks. The Palestinian Authority maintains laws that will compensate these terrorists and their families for their heinous acts. The PA can be a political body OR a sponsor of terror, not both," Friedman tweeted.

Friedman had also condemned the shooting attack in nearby Ofra on Sunday that killed a premature child and wounded several others.

“Another vile act of Palestinian terrorism last night included the shooting of a pregnant woman,” Friedman tweeted Monday morning.

Friedman also condemned Hamas for celebrating the attack, and slammed the United Nations over its failure to back a US-led effort to condemn the Gaza-based terror group in the General Assembly.

“Hamas calls the shooters “heroic” — yes, the same Hamas that the UN could not resolve to condemn last week. The #US stands with Israel against terrorists even if others won’t.”

The PA regularly pays terrorists who are imprisoned in Israel, as well as families of dead terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis. The PA policy of paying higher salaries to terrorists serving longer sentences means that the more heinous the and deadly the terror attack, the more the terrorist is rewarded by the PA for committing murder.

According to Palestinian Authority figures, the monthly allowance per prisoner is higher than that of an active member of the PA security forces. The PA budget for payments to terrorists in Israeli prisons skyrocketed to $158 million in 2017.