Knesset approves 'Gidon Sa'ar Law' in preliminary reading

According to the bill, president may only select prime minister from party leaders. 'The bill will prevent tricks.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Esti Davidov/TPS

The Knesset approved in preliminary reading Wednesday the so-called "Gidon Sa'ar Law" of MK David Amsalem.

The bill seeks to determine that the president can only give the task of forming a government to a party leader.

Coalition Chairman MK Amsalem said in the Knesset: "If you want to deal in low politics, you attach a nickname to the law, and then it is not understood what the law is about. The law seeks something obvious, and I haven’t succeeded in understanding those who oppose it. If the Likud proposes something, certainly if it is the prime minister, they immediately oppose it in a Pavlovian manner.”

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said that "this is a good and important bill that comes to regulate something simple and prevents tricks."

Meretz Chairman MK Tamar Zandberg objected to the law, saying that "For a long time this coalition has been engaged in nothing but preserving the chair of a corrupt prime minister. Every time this important task rests with someone else, at the expense of the Likud's interests, just so that the prime minister can avoid investigations.”

"The prime minister is dragging you all to support this crazy law, it's a crazy suicide for you. You band of invertebrates are providing him with a human shield. When this is over, you will not be able to look in the mirror from the shame," Zandberg claimed.