Babysitter indicted for assaulting baby, causing brain damage

Jerusalem woman who worked as babysitter charged with assaulting infant, causing him serious permanent injuries.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Baby (illustration)
Baby (illustration)

A babysitter in Jerusalem has been indicted in connection with the abuse of an infant which left with permanent serious injuries, including brain damage.

Jerusalem district prosecutors charged 55-year-old Itta Rabinovitch with assaulting an infant and causing serious physical harm.

The case revolves around an incident in May 2017, when Rabinovitch was working as a babysitter out of her private apartment.

In May 2017, Rabinovitch began caring for the child involved in the case, who was seven months old at the time.

According to the indictment, two days after she was hired to care for the child, Rabinovitch violently shook the infant, resulting in brain damage.

Rabinovitch did not hold the child’s head while she shook him, causing his head to shake back and forth. During the incident, the infant lost consciousness.

Rather than call emergency services, however, Rabinvotich called her husband, telling him that the child had lost consciousness. Her husband then called the MDA emergency first responder organization to call for assistance on the child’s behalf.

MDA emergency medical teams arrived at Rabinovitch’s apartment and found the child unconscious and struggling to breathe.

The first responders questioned Rabinovitch in an attempt to ascertain how the child was injured, but Rabinovitch remained silent and refused to cooperate with the medical team.

As a result of the abuse, the infant suffered serious brain damage, cerebral edema, and other serious injuries.

The child was rushed to an emergency room intensive care unit, where he remained for two weeks.

Today the child suffers from severe developmental problems and partial blindness in his left eye and problems with his right eye requiring multiple surgeries.