Meretz demands criminal investigation against Yair Netanyahu

Left-wing party demands A-G investigate PM's son for calling leftists "traitors."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
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The left-wing Meretz faction asked the attorney general to open a criminal investigation against Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after he called leftists "traitors."

"The identification of such enemies by a person with a broad public presence, on a platform in which the audience of the person in question is particularly large, raises a real concern for violence against left-wing activists and activists in Israel," the faction wrote.

Earlier, Yair Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook account: "It's so beautiful that now that you can finally use that word. I'll say what everyone in the country thinks."

"Left-wing organizations financed by foreign governments and hostility, politicians on the left and media people who always support the enemy side and always against the Jewish interest. Their hearts are full of contempt the victims of terrorism or the victims of the infiltrators, and on the other hand their hearts are full of compassion for every Palestinian rioter who is wounded on the Gaza border.

"It's time to tell the simple truth. According to every basic human standard and agreed upon every nationality in history, they are traitors to all intents and purposes," added the prime minister's son.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded: "I reject the use of the term 'treason' on any side of the political debate."

"Since the investigation of the Submarine Affair, which Prime Minister Netanyahu has never been suspected of being involved in, Ehud Barak, the leftist demonstrators and others have accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of "treason,"" Netanyahu's office said.