White House:
'US supports Israel's efforts to defend itself from Hezbollah'

US National Security Advisor John Bolton says White House 'strongly supports' Operation Northern Shield to destroy Hezbollah attack tunnels.

Gary Willig ,

IDF vehicle used in search for terror tunnels
IDF vehicle used in search for terror tunnels

US National Security Advisor John Bolton issued a statement in support of Israel's operation to destroy Hezbollah terrorist tunnels into northern Israel on Tuesday.

"The US strongly supports Israel's efforts to defend its sovereignty, and we call on Hezbollah to stop its tunneling into Israel and to refrain from escalation and violence. More broadly, we call on Iran and all of its agents to stop their regional aggression and provocation, which pose an unacceptable threat to Israeli and regional security," Bolton said in a statement.

The IDF launched Operation "Northern Shield" overnight Monday to thwart and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels dug by the Hezbollah terror organization from Lebanon into Israel.

This IDF operation is led by the Northern Command, in cooperation with the Intelligence Branch, the Combat Engineering Corps and the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Infrastructure. The purpose of this operation is to thwart and neutralize the cross-border attack tunnels within Israeli territory.

Over the last few years and as a part of the effort against this threat, the IDF has been implementing a unique defensive plan along the northern border, including the construction of a defensive wall, the "Defensive Obstacle Project", creating cliffs and clearing vegetation. The aim of this defensive plan is to prevent the enemy from fulfilling his offensive plan and abilities.