Watch: Hasidic man assaulted in Brooklyn

Assailant seen running up to Hasidic man and slamming him in the head before running off. Police not investigating as hate crime.

Tal Polon ,


Footage from the area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn reveals yet another attack on Jews, following a string of such attacks in the borough.

In the footage, a man can be seen running up to a group of Hasidic Jews standing on the sidewalk, punching one of them in the head, and running off.

According to NBC New York, the incident took place on Friday night., on Throop Avenue at Wallabout Street in Williamsburg, and the victim was identified as a 32-year-old man. Police were not investigating the incident as a hate crime, the report said.

The incident follows a string of attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions in Brooklyn over recent weeks.

Last Sunday, an assailant punched a Jewish boy walking in Williamsburg, knocking the boy onto the pavement before running off. Just half an hour later several blocks away, according to the New York Post, a group of men approached a Jewish boy in Williamsburg, shoving him to the pavement and punching him before fleeing the scene.