Firecracker thrown at Israeli journalist in Berlin

'You can't report in Hebrew in Europe without being interrupted and having firecrackers thrown at you,' says Israeli journalist in Berlin.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Antonia Yamin
Antonia Yamin

Vandals threw a firecracker at an Israeli journalist Antonia Yamin, the Kan correspondent in Europe, during a report in Berlin.

Yamin was attempting to report from Berlin on the Berkshire agreement being formulated in Britain when she was attacked by passers-by who noticed that she was speaking Hebrew.

"The truth is that I just had a nice day at work. I had some amazing interviewees who I really longed to see in a series of articles that will be coming up soon," she wrote on her Twitter account.

"Between one interviewee, I had to stop for a moment to report on the emerging Berkshire agreement. But it turns out that in Berlin's Neukolln neighborhood it is impossible to report in Hebrew without people interrupting and throwing firecrackers at you," Yamin added.