Bennett: It's time for elections

Jewish Home leader says impossible to continue government, 'Liberman destroyed government when he pulled out'.

Tzvi Lev ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Gideon Sharon

Saying that "we don't have a government", Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett called for new elections during a Saturday night interview.

Appearing on 'Meet the Press', Bennett said that Prime Minister Netanyahu did not oppose appointing him Defense Minister during their summit on Friday.

"At first he said he had no problem giving me the Defense Ministry, so the ultimatum is irrelevant," Bennett said, adding that he wanted the position to "steer the wheel toward a firm direction so that the State of Israel will return to winning".

Bennett said, however, that the government was likely a thing of the past. "We are 56 MKs if you take out the rebels, and we will not survive," he said. [Netanyahu] is trying to hold the government together, but I agree - we have no government. Liberman took down the government when he left."

Bennett added that "the right thing for the State of Israel right now is to go to elections, to form a government headed by Netanyahu, but this time it will be a right-wing government through a strong Jewish Home.

The Likud rejected Bennett's remarks, saying that "there is no reason to go to elections and the right-wing government should not be overthrown. Bennett must show responsibility and not give a hand to toppling the government that could serve for another year."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Saturday that he would meet with Moshe Kahlon Sunday morning before a cabinet meeting in a final attempt to convince him not to topple the government.

"If the faction of us all does not topple the government, there is a government, a right-wing government must not be overthrown, and all members of the Likud faction are interested in continuing to serve the country for another full year until the end of its term in November 2019."

Currently, it appears that election will likely take place on March 26.