Youth loses fingers in IDF training accident

Boy trying out for elite combat unit severs fingers while putting up a tent.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Grueling training (ILLUSTRATION)
Grueling training (ILLUSTRATION)
Flash 90

A youth who was injured Sunday morning during selection tests for an optional combat unit has lost two of his fingers.

An initial investigation into the incident revealed that during the course of the training, the counselors instructed the boys who had taken the commando unit to set up a tent in a short time.

The boy used a special hammer to stick the pegs, but missed one of the pegs and hit his hand, severing the fingers. He was evacuated to hospital for treatment, and military sources updated his family.

The IDF defines the incident as "particularly grave and unusual." The investigation of the incident remains ongoing, and the procedures and safety rules that are submitted to the instructors in such cases are being reviewed.