Gaza Arab caught after infiltrating into Israel

Arab crosses border fence from northern Gaza into Israeli territory, reaches one of the local communities.

Ben Ariel, Canada ,

Muslim rioters, Gaza border with Israel
Muslim rioters, Gaza border with Israel
Flash 90

A Gaza Arab on Friday evening was able to infiltrate Israel through the border fence in northern Gaza and reach one of the communities on the Israeli side.

Israeli security forces identified the suspect, arrested him and took him for questioning.

No weapons were seized.

During the incident, a fire broke out in one of the greenhouses in the community which the suspect inflitrated. While it was initially believed the fire was caused from a flare that was fired by the Israeli forces, a preliminary interrogation of the suspect caught found that he was the one that started the fire.

Earlier on Friday, the so-called weekly “March of the Return” border protests continued, though Israeli media reported that a relative number of protesters took part.

During the protests, a group of demonstrators threw stones at the convoy of the Qatari envoy to the region, Mohammed al-Amedi, who arrived at one of the protest centers. There were no injuries.

The protests, and the incident involving the Qatari envoy, came after Israel delivered $15 million in cash donated by Qatar into Gaza today.

The cash was delivered into Israeli territory from Jordan, through the Allenby Bridge, and then relayed into Gaza through the Erez Crossing.

The transfer was agreed to after Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas refused to pay the salaries of PA employees in Gaza. Israel agreed to facilitate the transfer on the condition that it be carried out by the UN.

Israel is closely monitoring how the money is spent, as there is concern in Israel that the Qatari money will be spent on the upkeep of Hamas's terror array.

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