Bereaved mother's cry:
Hundreds march in memory of Barkan murdered

Hundreds take part in torch parade in Barkan in memory of Kim and Zev, demanding the terrorist be captured and tried.

Uzi Baruch ,

לזכר הנרצחים
לזכר הנרצחים
צילום: הלל מאיר/TPS

Hundreds of people are taking part in a torch parade in Barkan this evening in memory of Kim Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi, who were murdered in a terror attack in the Barkan industrial zone.

The marchers demand that the terrorist who carried out the attack be caught and brought to justice.

It was reported this morning that Central Commander Major General Nadav Padan issued a demolition order for the house where the terrorist who carried out the attack lived last month.

The order relates to the basement and the ground floor of the building in a village where the terrorist lived. The order was signed after an objection filed by the terrorist's family against the demolition was rejected.

The IDF stated that "the security forces continue to hunt for the terrorist and will continue to act determinedly to thwart terror attacks and to deter potential terrorists."