Netanyahu responds to new Iranian sanctions: A historic day

Netanyahu responds to the activation of the new wave of sanctions on Iran: "I thank President Trump on his brave and important decision"

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Trump and Netanyahu meet at UN General Assembly in New York
Trump and Netanyahu meet at UN General Assembly in New York

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, began his Likud party's meeting this afternoon with words regarding the local elections.

"This is the first meeting that we're having since the local elections. The Likud has expanded it's strength on the local level by around 30%, this is a tremendous achievement."

Later, Netanyahu responded to the activation of the new wave of economic sanctions on Iran and define today as "a historical day, this is the day that the U.S., under the leadership of President Trump, imposed the most severe sanctions on Iran. The most severe sanction imposed on Iran since the efforts to hinder it's aggression began"

"Already, we're seeing the effects of these sanctions in the field" noted Netanyahu. "We see it with the shrinking of budgets for the violent forces that Iran has established with her borders and beyond them. The second wave of sanctions, in particular the the sanctions placed on the "SWIFT" system, the bank payment system that the Iranian regime uses, this addition places a significant stranglehold on the terror regime of Iran"

"I believed that the sanctions had to include this element of credit card payment. I brought this up multiple times, also in my last meeting with Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, and I'm happy to that the US decided to include this aspect in the severe sanctions." related Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister highlighted that "Iran is the greatest threat to Israel, to the Middle East and to world peace. You all know that over the course of many long years I dedicated my time and energy to waging war on the Iranian threat. On this issue I went almost against the entire world. Today we see the results of this continuous struggle. I would like to thank the President of the United States, Donald Trump, again for his brave, determined and important decision. I think that this issue contributes to stability, security and to peace. It's true that there could be more bumps in the road up ahead but it's necessary to approach them with a strong and aggressive stance; ethically, economically and defensively. This is a great day for the State of Israel. This is a great day for the Jewish People. This is a great day for the future of Israel."

Netanyahu at today's cabinet meeting
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