Infant dies of measles in Jerusalem

Baby with measles rushed to Sha'arei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

Ezra Sanders ,

Baby (illustration)
Baby (illustration)

This afternoon (Thursday) a 18-month old infant was rushed to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital after losing consciousness.

The child had fallen sick with measles, a dangerous children's disease. The infant was not breathing and had no pulse upon arrival at the hospital.

Resuscitation efforts continued at the hospital in the hopes of saving the child. Doctors were forced to confirm it's death.

The Ministry of Health reported recently that the number of those in infected with measles in Israel is approaching 900 individuals. Around 60% of those infected are residents of Jerusalem from the Hareidi sector, many of which are not vaccinated.

As a result of this statistic the Ministry of Health is working to send out special mobile vaccination units to concentrations of the Hareidi population in order to preform the vaccinations and stem the spread of the disease.

Vaccine injection
Yaakov Naumi/Flash 90