'I will lead Jerusalem to a new era'

Jerusalem mayoral candidate Ofer Berkovitch celebrates his advancing to a runoff against Moshe Lion.

Hezki Baruch ,

Ofer Berkovitch
Ofer Berkovitch
Hezki Baruch

Jerusalem mayoral candidate Ofer Berkovitch on Tuesday night celebrated his advancing to a runoff in the elections.

"An exciting evening for me," Berkovitch told Arutz Sheva. "There is a small opening whereby we will conclude this in the first round, and we are prepared to win in any case in the second round."

The election results, he said, “send a message of unity between different sectors. We intend to work hard and lead Jerusalem to a new era.”

Berkovitch implicitly referred to Minister Ze’ev Elkin's failure in the elections, saying, "The Jerusalem public is fed up with the deals, the shady dealings, and the commands from above, and is asking for authentic leadership that is connected to the area. I will be the mayor of Jerusalem.”

Ahead of the runoff, Berkovitch explained how he intends to work toward ensuring his victory. "Tomorrow morning I will call Ze'ev Elkin and Yossi Deitch. I see a large national religious community that is joining us in order to preserve the interests of Jerusalem.”

"I am also open to cooperation with the haredi sector. Our campaign was excellent and maintained cleanliness, statehood, unity and the possibility of dialogue between the general sector and the haredi sector and I certainly am not ruling out any possibility of cooperation."