Initiative to support the Pittsburgh Jewish community

Israeli National Service volunteer in Pittsburgh calls on Jews around the world to support community after Shabbat massacre.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

support from Sa'ar family
support from Sa'ar family
courtesy of Bat Gilam Sa'ar

The massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday morning shocked the world and is a focus of support and sympathy for the Jewish community in the city.

One of the initiatives that swept many of the country, came from an Israeli National Service volunteer serving in the Jewish community in Pennsylvania.

As part of the initiative, Jews in Israel and around the world are called upon to send pictures of reinforcement and support to the members of the community who suffered the terrible blow.

"Hey, hello, my name is Noa and I'm a National Service volunteer in Pittsburgh," the announcement of the initiative was launched. "You've probably heard about what happened on Saturday here. People here are pretty scared after the attack, and we wanted you to help us strengthen them a bit!
Let them see that all the people of Israel are with them."

"So what you need is just to send your picture with a sign saying:

We are with you - Pittsburgh

The picture should be sent to the whatsapp account of this phone number: +1-412-944-5278

(Soldiers, children, parents, everything will delight us and strengthen us!)
Thanks for the cooperation!
And only good news!
Share the message that as many people as possible from Israel will see! "

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Photos can be sent by email: