13 dead in Crimea college bombing

Explosion in Crimean college kills at least 13, with reports of shooting on campus.

David Rosenberg ,

Russian police
Russian police

At least 13 people were killed and dozens more injured in the bombing of a college in Crimea Wednesday.

The incident occurred at the Kerch Polytechnic College in the city of Kerch, located in eastern Crimea, which has been under Russian control since 2014.

The school’s director, Olga Grebennikova, told local television the attack was a suicide bombing.

Grebennikova and multiple witnesses claimed that the attack also involved multiple gunmen.

“It was a real terrorist attack, like in Beslan,” referencing the September 2004 attack on a Russian school by Chechen Islamic terrorists. Three-hundred-and-thirty-four people were killed in the combination shooting and bombing attack in Beslan.

In a video uploaded to KerchNet, Grebennikova said the campus was lined with “bodies of children” killed in the attack.

“There are a lot of bodies, a lot of bodies of children,” said Grebennikova.

Russian intelligence officials said the bombing Wednesday was terror-related, Bloomberg reported.