Arab convicted for throwing block at Israeli youth in Jerusalem

Arab convicted for hurl block at Jewish youth in Old City of Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haim Bleicher
Haim Bleicher
Eliran Aharon

An Arab who threw a block at a young Jewish man who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, injuring the victim in the head, was convicted of aggravated assault Sunday.

The incident occurred ten months ago, when the victim was returning to his home in the Old City.

The assailant spotted the victim and threw a block at him from a height of thirteen feet, and as a result, the young man suffered a head injury, requiring stitches.

"A terrorist who was convicted of causing serious injury tried to murder my client solely because he was a Jew. We are grateful to the police and the State Prosecutor for taking the terrorist and incriminating him, but unfortunately the terrorist was not charged and convicted as he was," said Haim Bleicher, the attorney who represented the victim.

"But unfortunately the terrorist was not charged and convicted of attempted murder, as he should have been, for what was an attack with racist, nationalist motives."

"We will act within the framework of the arguments for the maximum punishment to be given to the terrorist, and to express the severity of the terrorist's crimes," Bleicher added.