Netanyahu: We will catch monster who tied up a woman, shot her

PM vows to bring terrorist who murdered 2 in Barkan Industrial Zone to justice.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened a press conference today to announce the appointment of Prof. Amir Yaron as Governor of the Bank of Israel. He took advantage of the journalists' presence and agreed to answer any questions in any field. The open-ended question and answer session was rare for Netanyahu, who has a traditionally hostile relationship with the press.

Netanyahu said that the coalition is making "an effort to solve the recruitment problem and other issues, and that if we find a way, we will be happy to continue [the current government] until the end of the year, if not, we will have to go to elections."

"We do not want to be in arrears, the date of the elections is November (2019) and we want to hold them in time," Netanyahu said. "At the end of the year there are elections and the idea is how to do this without undermining stability," he said.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred to the murderous attack in Barkan Industrial Zone and said, "I do not think it will take long before we catch this cruel bastard, who bound a woman's hand and shot her."

Netanyahu referred to the situation in Gaza and said that efforts were being made to formulate a solution that would restore peace and security to the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip. "We operate from time to time with great force. Because of our action. there is caution on the Palestinian side, and I think they also understand that the outbreak of a confrontation will exact a very large price from the Palestinian side."

"Why are they getting choked, because Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) is suffocating them financially and then they are breaking into Israel. They are afraid - so they are partially bursting ... We are not willing to bear this situation - and they know it - so there are attempts to reach a practical solution that will stop this strangulation,"he explained.

"I'm not eager to start unnecessary wars," the prime minister stressed. "If there is no choice, sometimes you fight with all your might, but when there is a choice and there are other considerations, and challenges, I think that is the way I am dealing with this, and the way the cabinet backs is the right way."

Netanyahu also addressed the infighting in the coalition between Defense Minster Avigdor Liberman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

"The defense minister is doing his job, and ministers are allowed to comment on the cabinet. [Liberman] is allowed to respond. A discussion in the cabinet is not held for no reason. The discussions are very serious. The Finance Minister can testify to their level of seriousness.

"The discussions are fundamental and raise various issues on them, and the ministers are not placards. We often evaluate these meetings to allow people to ask questions, and ask very intelligent and penetrating questions that enrich the fabric of our possibilities," Netanyahu said.

"I have no problem expressing an opinion, but in my opinion the defense minister is doing his job well. Everyone is allowed to express an opinion but should do it within the Cabinet."

Netanyahu was asked at the press conference about the possibility of asking for immunity from the Knesset in the event that an indictment is filed against him. "I do not think I will need to ask for immunity because I believe that no indictment will be filed against me," he replied.