Watch: IDF continues hunt for Barkan terrorist

Security increased in Samaria communities near which Barkan attack terrorist may be. Large-scale operations in terrorist's village.

Uzi Baruch ,

IDF activity last night
IDF activity last night
IDF Spokesperson

Security forces continue the pursuit after the terrorist who committed the shooting attack in the Barkan industrial area at the beginning of the week.

Overnight, IDF, ISA and Border Police forces operated in the village of Shweika, north of Tulkarm, from which the terrorist originated.

During the activity, the forces apprehended several Palestinian Arabs for questioning.

The defense establishment believes there is a high probability that a confrontation with the terrorist will end with a gun battle.

A defense official told Channel 10 that catching the terrorist is "a matter of days, not hours." The Shin Bet believes that the terrorist didn't expect to come out of the attack alive, therefore it is possible that he didn't prepare a hideout for himself.

The report said that security forces are now focusing on the circles close to the terrorist in an attempt to find an Achilles' heel to locate him.

A security official said that a decision has already been made to demolish the home of the terrorist's parents in Shweika.

In addition, during searches in the terrorist's village last night, IDF soldiers confiscated terror funds worth thousands of Israeli Shekels in the village of Beit Sira west of Ramallah. This activity is a part of the effort against terror funds. The findings were transferred to security forces.