Trump: No plans to meet 'absolutely lovely' Iranian president

President Trump mocks Iranian leader's rejection of Trump's overtures for meeting, but leaves door open for future dialogue.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

President Donald Trump will not meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani this week at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly’s 2018-2019 session, Trump tweeted Tuesday.

The president had offered to speak with President Rouhani at the sidelines of the UN meeting in New York.

“I think the president has been pretty clear about that,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told NBC on Sunday, “he’s happy to talk with folks at any time.”

But Rouhani told NBC News that he had rejected Trump’s overtures.

"There is no such program for a meeting," said Rouhani, blaming America’s plans to reinstate economic sanctions on Iran in November.

"Naturally, if someone is keen on having a meeting and holding dialogue and creating progress in relationships, that person would not use the tool of sanctions and threats to bear all of its power against another government and nation.”

In response, Trump mocked Rouhani’s refusal to meet in New York, while leaving the door open for a meeting “someday in the future”.

“Despite requests, I have no plans to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Maybe someday in the future. I am sure he is an absolutely lovely man!”