Satellite imagery reveals results of air strike in Syria

As a result of IDF attack on Latakia, during which Russian plane was downed, a large weapons storehouse was completely destroyed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF strike in Syria
IDF strike in Syria

Satellite images released Wednesday reveal the results of the air strike in Latakia on Monday, during which advanced weapons systems were destroyed.

According to photographs by Image Sat International, the warehouse in which the weapons were hidden, was completely destroyed.

Following the attack at the Damascus International Airport on Saturday, the remains of a bombed plane appear in the satellite images, apparently the Boeing 747 of the Fars Air Qeshm, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the interception of the Russian aircraft by the Syrian army during the Israeli attack on Latakia. In a conversation held shortly before the holiday began, Netanyahu expressed sorrow over the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers and said that Syria was responsible for the downing of the plane.

The prime minister said that Israel was “prepared to send all the necessary details to the Russian government to investigate the incident” and suggested that the commander of the air force, Major General Amikam Norkin, be sent to Moscow to provide the necessary details.

It was also conveyed that "The prime minister noted the importance of continued security coordination between Israel and Russia, which succeeded in preventing many losses on both sides over the past three years." Netanyahu added that "Israel is determined to stop the Iranian military buildup in Syria and the attempts of Iran, which calls for the destruction of Israel, to give Hezbollah lethal weapons against Israel."