Balloon terror continues:
Balloon with grenade brought down

Police discover balloon launched from Gaza with hand grenade attached, bring explosive down without detonation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the grenade attached to the balloon
the grenade attached to the balloon
Police spokesperson

A grenade was found attached to a balloon near the Re'im Lurim Junction on Route 234 in the Negev Monday evening.

Police volunteers identified the balloon with which a suspicious object was connected during routine operations, and understood that it was apparently an explosive device that had been launched from Gaza.

After they managed to land the balloon, it became clear that a hand grenade had been attached to it. The Urim-Re'im road was closed to traffic and a police handler was called to the place to take care of Rimon.

The police call on the public to exercise extreme caution in the matter of kites and balloons in the southern region and to inform them of every such case.