Watch: IDF bus attacked after accidentally entering Qalandia

IDF bus carrying soldiers and officers accidentally enters Qalandia, north of Jerusalem, and comes under a hail of stones.

David Rosenberg ,

Stone throwing by Jerusalem
Stone throwing by Jerusalem
Flash 90

An Israeli army bus accidently entered the Qalandia refugee camp north of Jerusalem on Thursday and was attacked by stone-throwers.

Video taken by local residents was released to social media Sunday evening, showing what appeared to be an IDF bus attempting to flee, after being hit by stones.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that an army bus had indeed accidentally entered the Qalandia camp between Jerusalem and Ramallah Sunday and was attacked by stone-throwing rioters.

The bus was carrying Israeli soldiers and officers at the time, and at least three people were injured during the incident, the spokesperson said.

“A short while ago, an IDF bus accidentally entered the Qalandia refugee camp, south of Ramallah. A riot was instigated around the vehicle in which rocks were hurled at it. As a result, an IDF officer and two soldiers were lightly injured.”

“Security forces fired into the air in order to disperse the riot before the IDF vehicle exited the refugee camp. The two soldiers were treated at the scene while the injured officer was transferred to hospital for further treatment. The circumstances of the incident will be examined.”