Confrontation with commander: We want quiet!

Beit El residents are attacked by rocks and firecrackers thrown from nearby Arab village. Army refuses to close road until phenomenon stops.

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Beit El: We want answers from the IDF
Beit El: We want answers from the IDF

Residents of the community of Beit El in the Binyamin region are furious at the IDF's conduct amid the continued throwing of rocks and firecrackers from the direction of the village of Jilazon, which endanger their safety.

The residents demanded that the IDF close the road for two hours until the phenomenon stops. "We are tired of being silent in the face of this ongoing rioting. Either you close the road or we will throw firecrackers back at them," the residents told the company commander who spoke with them in the community.

A resident of the community complained to the commander that children in the neighborhood live under fear and terror in the face of continued explosions, and that these incidents of violence are severely damaging to children.

It is likely that there will be a conversation with the brigade commander in which he will detail how the IDF intends to deal with the phenomenon.

The head of the local council, Shay Alon, spoke this evening with senior military officials in Central Command and demanded an appropriate response to the incident.

"The IDF must act with all its might in order to prevent such an event from happening again. We will not rest until we are convinced that there is a serious intention on the part of the IDF to take action against the rioters from the nearby village."