'Trump is demolishing the Palestinian lie'

Israel's Public Security Minister hails US decision to close PLO office in Washington.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan
Kobi Richter/TPS

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) lauded President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, saying that the decision to shutter the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington DC was part of a larger effort by the US president to ‘demolish the Palestinian’ narrative of Israeli intransigence.

On Monday, the PLO announced that the US had ordered the closure of its Washington DC mission. The US State Department later confirmed the move, stating that the Palestinian Authority (PA) had consistently refused to engage with the US government or to support peace talks with Israel.

"We have permitted the PLO office to conduct operations that support the objective of achieving a lasting, comprehensive peace between Israelis and the Palestinians since the expiration of a previous waiver in November 2017," a State Department spokesperson stated.

Since President Trump’s December 6th, 2017 announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and subsequent relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv, the Palestinian Authority has snubbed senior US leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence.

The PA has also repeatedly refused to accept the White House’s upcoming framework for a final status agreement, dubbed by the president the ‘Deal of the Century’.

Speaking with Reshet Bet on Wednesday, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said the White House’s latest move was the nail in the coffin for the PA claim that Israeli intransigence was the barrier to peace in the region.

“My happiness over Trump’s move is very understandable. Finally there is a leader of the world’s greatest superpower who is demolishing the Palestinian lie.”

Had the PA agreed to return to the negotiating table, Erdan continued, the Netanyahu government would have taken the talks seriously, despite claims by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas that Israel has refused to engage in serious final status talks with the PA.

“What if there had been official talks with the PA? I’m sure that we would have gotten together in the Likud to brainstorm in order to decide what is on the table – but today, there is no need to.”