Jerusalem Mayor: 'I'm removing UNRWA from Jerusalem'

'Replace failing services with successful municipal initiatives. Wherever municipality operates, Arab public more satisfied, less violent.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat reiterated Monday's announcement of his intention to expel the UNRWA organization from Jerusalem and replace the services it provides with those of the municipality.

In a tweet, Barkat wrote: "I am removing UNRWA from Jerusalem and replacing their failing services with successful municipal initiatives. Wherever the municipality operates, the Arab public is more satisfied & less violent. Removing UNRWA will reduce incitement & terrorism, and promote unity & sovereignty."

The organization has been responsible for about 30,000 residents in the Shuafat refugee camp and provides them with municipal services as well as caring for their education and welfare since 1965.

Barkat said he "instructed the municipality's professional staff to prepare a work plan that I will present to the Prime Minister for evacuating UNRWA from Jerusalem.

The Mayor said that rather than rehabilitating East Jerusalem's Arab population, UNRWA had a consistent track record of causing the residents' relationship with the State of Israel to deteriorate.