'I didn't know my son was in the trunk'

Police crack down on use of unsafe school buses. Driver of private vehicle caught driving with son in the trunk.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Child found in car trnk
Child found in car trnk
Police spokesperson

Israeli law enforcement authorities carried out a special operation Thursday, targeting vehicles used for transporting children to and from school.

The operation, dubbed “Back to School”, was undertaken days before the opening of the school year in the Israeli education system. While some haredi schools began the school year earlier this month, most state-run K-12 schools in Israel will begin the academic year on Sunday.

As part of Operation Back to School, police banned 21 vehicles, which were to have been used for carrying children to and from school, from being used to transport school children. The vehicles were banned after police examinations found serious safety issues.

A driver of one of the 21 banned vehicles did not possess a valid driver’s license, and apparently had never been issued a license in the past.

Police also discovered on Thursday a child sitting in the trunk of a private car.

After the vehicle had been pulled over for a check, police found a boy sitting in the car’s trunk, pressed up against a bicycle. The driver claimed that he was unaware that the boy was in the trunk.

Traffic police also issued 36 fines for various traffic violations, including use of cellular devices by drivers while behind the wheel.