Hamas bemoans Israeli insistence on prisoner return

Arab media reports Israel does not agree to advance truce if it does not include significant progress in captives' return.

Mordechai Sones ,

Parents of KIA Hadar Goldin protest outside UN HQ in Jerusalem
Parents of KIA Hadar Goldin protest outside UN HQ in Jerusalem
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority sources claim Israel is delaying the peace agreement with Hamas.

The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reported that Israel was demanding as a condition to signing a truce agreement significant progress on the issue of prisoner exchange and returning civilians and bodies of soldiers held by Hamas in Gaza.

According to the sources, Hamas does not agree to a long-term truce, but only to quiet in exchange for quiet - so that any perceived or purported breach of the ceasefire agreement will allow the organization to open fire at Israel.

Hamas demanded the agreement also include constructing a sea route to break the siege on Gaza that would be under Egyptian supervision. Israel expressed willingness to carry out such a course, but only if it was solely responsible for security.

Other media outlets reported international patience for Hamas' conduct in Gaza diminishing and that the PA Chairman was trying to make it difficult to advance the arrangement.