Watch: Infusing water into Golan rivers

Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Water Authority and Mekorot begin pumping clean water to Golan rivers to reduce pollutant concentrations.

Rafael Levy ,

Flowing water into streams
Flowing water into streams
Uri Vezna, Nature and Parks Authority

Another step was taken today as part of the struggle against the leptospirosis outbreak and the pollution of some Golan streams, including the famous Hexagon Pool and the Zavitan.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Water Authority and Mekorot began this morning flowing clean water into the streams to increase flow rates and reduce pollutant concentrations.

The move was initiated and carried out despite the difficult natural water source situation from consecutive dry years. At this stage, approximately 70 cubic meters of water per hour will be channeled into each of the two streams while at the same time environmental impacts and water quality will be monitored.

Hexagon Pool
Photo by Nicky Kelvin/Flash 90

Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority Director Shaul Goldstein said: "The additional water flow is actually returning what the stream and nature deserve. We thank the Water Authority, Mekorot, and Mei Golan for their assistance and ask for the sake of nature that together we'll continue to increase the flow to natural streams. Regarding the pollution that was in the streams - this is a step in the right direction and we hope the results will enable reopening the amazing and cliff-filled Zavitan Stream and the beautiful Hexagonal Pool."

To date, the streams and springs that have been temporarily closed by the Health Ministry due to pollution are: Zavitan, Hexagonal Pool (Meshushim), Zaki, Yehudiya, Jalabun, Majrasa and Jordan Park. All other northern and Golan rivers are open for bathing.

Zavitan Stream
Don Sayadeh