Bennett: 'The policy of restraint has failed'

Jewish Home urges government to step up attacks against Hamas.

Tzvi Lev ,

Flash 90

Alleging that 'the policy of restraint has failed", Jewish Home leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennett urged the government to step up its attacks against Hamas-led Gaza.

"The concept of Israel's restraint vis-a-vis Hamas has failed," Bennett told the Reshet Bet radio station on Monday. "If we had immediately fired the first kite launchers when there were still one or two, we would not have reached the thousands. These are terrorists in every way, and we have to eliminate these links as they destroy every link."

Bennett alleged that failing to deal Hamas a mortal blow would cause the terror group to mushroom into a much stronger enemy.

"If we follow the formula of 'quiet for quiet' we will meet with Hamas that gets stronger from round to round and we will get Hezbollah 2 in Gaza," said Bennett, alluding to the Iranian-backed militia in Lebanon.

Bennett contended that Israel should work to demilitarize the Gaza Strip and then restore it, adding that he would support the extensive reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.