Israel demanded - and BBC changed its headline

Foreign Ministry points out BBC title is a 'lie,' news site responds by changing title to reflect reality.

Nitsan Keidar ,

BBC's misleading headline
BBC's misleading headline

In a headline, BBC claimed that "Israeli air strikes 'kill pregnant woman and baby.'"

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon tweeted, "@BBCWorld this is a formal complaint by @IsraelMFA ."

"This title is a deliberate misrepresentation of reality ( that’s the polite equivalent of ' this is a LIE', if you don’t get it). Israelis were targeted by Hamas and IDF acts to protect them.Change it IMMEDIATELY!!! @IsraelMFA."

At the same time, a formal complaint was sent to BBC, demanding they change the misleading title.

After some time, BBC changed its title to "Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel."

Since Wednesday night, Hamas has fired over 150 rockets at Israeli civilians. In response, Israel targeted Hamas military compounds, tunnels, and weapons storehouses.