Knesset to hold special debate on Nationality Law

Despite its summer recess, Knesset will hold special debate on Nationality Law. Netanyahu says chance he will attend are 'very low'.

Tzvi Lev ,

Empty Knesset plenum
Empty Knesset plenum
Flash 90

The Knesset will hold a special session on Wednesday in order to debate the Nationality Law.

The debate comes after the opposition managed to collect the necessary 25 signatures in order to force a debate on the legislation and will take place despite it being the Knesset's summer recess. Prime Minister Netanyahu says chances are"very low" that he will attend the hearing, which is headlined as "The Nationality Law and its impact on democracy and equality.

The Nationality Law codifies Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people into Israel’s Basic Laws and establishes Hebrew as its sole official language while giving Arabic special standing. The law has aroused opposition among Israel's minorities and the Left, who contends that it discriminates against minorities.

The Druze and Bedouin communities have appealed to the High Court of Justice in an attempt to scuttle the law, leading Justice Minister Shaked to embark on a campaign warning the Supreme Court that it is not authorized to strike down semi-constitutional Basic Laws.