'Step one: Bring the boys home'

Goldin family demands cabinet ministers establish return of missing soldiers as precondition for any agreement with Hamas.

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Goldin, Shaul families
Goldin, Shaul families
Arutz Sheva

The families of the soldiers whose bodies are being held in Gaza convened a joint press conference in Jerusalem this morning, demanding the release of their loved ones in the first phase of any future agreement with Hamas.

Zehava Shaul, soldier Oron Shaul's mother, asked the public to join the struggle against the government's capitulation to Hamas terrorism: "Do not let the Israeli government abandon our sons to the enemy. This is a window of opportunity for us, and we must not miss it.

Professor Simha Goldin, soldier Hadar Goldin's father, said that the cabinet meeting today, in which a proposed truce agreement with Hamas is to be discussed, is unnecessary. "This is a staged play in order to try and show that the prime minister is committed to returning our sons. Someone decided to waste the time of the cabinet members to discuss a train that has already left the station. In the agreement of surrender, Israel joins with the United Nations, Egypt, Qatar, the US, the PA. The agreement began three days ago, and does not include soldiers and civilians. "

"Netanyahu is surrendering to balloon, kite, sniper terrorism. The soldiers have been abandoned by the prime minister. Netanyahu only has spin. The state is doing everything for the boys? These are hollow words. It’s all spin. The PM has become a senior participant in the surrender agreement.”

Dr. Lea Goldin, Hadar's mother, called on the prime minister to learn from President Trump, who demanded the release of the three American citizens imprisoned in North Korea as the first stage for any negotiations.

"There is no arrangement without Hadar. Humanitarian [step] for humanitarian [step].”

Goldin claimed that ministers in the cabinet were briefing the media against the bereaved families. "How low can you go?" screamed the bereaved mother.

After the press conference, the families are expected to begin their march to the Prime Minister's Office. Parallel to the meeting of the political-security cabinet, which is expected to take place this afternoon, they will hold a joint protest in front of the prime minister's residence.