Will Israel nix homework for younger students?

Education Ministry sends proposal to elementary schools, asking them not to assign students homework.

Shimon Cohen ,

Student doing homework (illustrative)
Student doing homework (illustrative)

Israel's Education Ministry is sending a proposal to elementary schools not to give students homework anymore.

In the proposal, the Ministry suggests focusing on developing students' reading comprehension skills.

Though schools around the world assign homework, studies have found no connection between homework and student success.

Etty Sasi, who heads the Ministry's Elementary Education Department, on Tuesday morning told Keshet that the proposal is only a suggestion, and that the Education Ministry trusts school administrations to make the appropriate choice for their students.

Sasi also said that the decision was made after both parents and children complained about homework, and that the proposal does not apply to all subjects equally. English and math, she said, are examples of subjects which require practice at home. However, even in these subjects, schools should examine the homework, and how much students are required to do, making decisions based on students' capabilities.