Ramon International Airport does dress rehearsal

Air Force currently conducting exercise at new airport to check fitness to operate for general public.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ramon International Airport in the Timna Valley, southern Israel
Ramon International Airport in the Timna Valley, southern Israel
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The Israeli Air Force is conducting an exercise at the new Ramon Airport in the Timna Valley near Eilat. As part of the exercise, two Israeli Air Force transport flights, 120 Squadron with the Re'em aircraft and the 100 Squadron with the Sufit plane will participate.

In the exercise the Air Force will rehearse aviation activity with airport staff, including overall air arrivals, departures, laps, entrance to parking areas, pushing and towing aircraft, and operational activity in the area opposite the control tower at the airport.

"The first landing at a new airport is always exciting," said IAA Deputy Director of Operations and Air Force reserve pilot retired Col. Udi Bar-Oz. "For me today's a special day. The first landing at a new airport where I participated in the planning, establishment, and managing in my position as Deputy Director of Operations at the Israel Airports Authority makes it seventy times more exciting," he added.

"As a commander and pilot in the Air Force, landing with an airplane marked Air Force on its tail and calling on the radio to 'Ramon Tower' is a dream come true."

Due to the exercise, commercial flights will not commence until 19:00 at the Eilat airport.

About a week ago, the first flight was carried out at Ramon with the landing of an Arkia aircraft, as the sign of the Ramon International Airport was unveiled in the presence of Rona Ramon and her family.

The certification exercise at Ramon opens a series of runs at the new international airport of Israel in preparation for its opening to the public.