'Don't let State fold on illegal Bedouin outpost'

Likud activists call on party members, MKs, to to exert influence to prevent the state from capitulating on the evacuation of Khan el-Ahmar.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Khan el Ahmar
Khan el Ahmar

The High Court of Justice will discuss the evacuation of the illegal Bedouin outpost of Khan el-Ahmar this coming Wednesday following an additional petition filed by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Before the discussion, key activists and heads of the Likud Youth branches in Israelcalled on the MKs and ministers to exert their influence and make their voices heard so that the prime minister, the defense minister and the justice minister would stand firm in the High Court of Justice and not allow the State to capitulate to the PA on the illegal outpost.

The letter is signed by Likud Youth chairman David Shain, Likud Youth secretary Ariel Morali, Yossi Vranovsky, member of the Likud youth committee, Kati Shitrit, Elad Malka and Tzachi Dickstein, chairman of the Samaria Settlers' Committee as well as by the National Headquarters in the Likud, Likud Liberals, the Young Settlement Forum, My Likud, and other branches.

In their appeal to the MKs, the signatories emphasize that the Khan el-Ahmar case constitutes a watershed and a fundamental test case regarding Israeli sovereignty and embodies the strategic interests of the State of Israel.

"After a decade of deliberations and petitions, the court ruled in a conclusive judgment that there is no reason to delay the evacuation and that there is no legal dispute over the illegality of the compound. However, despite the rule set by the Supreme Court in evacuating the settlements of Amona and Nativ Ha'avot - the principle of finality of the hearing - Justice Baron recently decided to accept another unfounded petition submitted by attorneys representing the Palestinian Authority.

"We call upon all members of the Likud and Knesset members to exert their influence and to express their voice, forcefully and publicly, so that the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Justice, the State Attorney's Office and the Civil Administration will receive full backing until the hearing in the High Court of Justice," the activists wrote. " For the sake of Israeli sovereignty, the rule of law and justice is equal for all."