Watch: IDF search for terrorist, infrastructure

IDF releases video of from Thursday night's search for additional Adam terrorist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF activity following Adam terror attack
IDF activity following Adam terror attack
IDF spokesperson

The IDF's Binyamin Region Brigade is searching the Jerusalem-area town of Adam following a Thursday night stabbing attack.

In the attack, a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist murdered one Jew and wounded two others.

Following the stabbing attack in Adam, all the forces of the Binyamin Region Brigade are preparing for searches in the community," Caracal Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Ido Saad said.

"We have just finished the first part of the searches. We send our support to the families and wish those who were injured good health.

"We are focusing on two tasks: a defense system and searches of the community, and an attack system which will soon leave to locate the infrastructure from which the terrorist came."