Fighting for the State - even on vacation

Yesh Atid Party has information pamphlets for Israelis on summer vacation abroad, to equip them against boycott organizations' claims.

Hezki Baruch ,

Not just in Hebrew: Info pamphlet
Not just in Hebrew: Info pamphlet
Yesh Atid Spokesman

The Yesh Atid party is distributing information pamphlets to help Israelis "Know what to answer" boycott organization claims against Israel.

The distribution is initiated by party Chairman MK Yair Lapid, with the aim of providing an effective tool for the public travelers abroad during the summer and summer holidays.

The pamphlets, intended to assist in personally explaining Israel's side, were printed in Hebrew, but also in English, Russian, and French. Yesh Atid activists distribute them in the area of ​​Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Fighting for the State - even on vacation

This is the second time Yesh Atid distributes the booklet, after the previous distribution two years ago received many positive responses to the initiative.

The booklet is small (hand-sized), so that on the right side is the subject (for example, economic support) and the BDS propaganda claim (Israel oppresses the Palestinian economy).

"The State of Israel needs you, we are at war. The BDS movement spreads an unimaginable amount of lies, fabricated images, and evidence from nowhere: The goal is to destroy Israel in the world, to isolate us, to make us a hated and illegitimate country. We are Israelis and when our home is attacked, we stand up to defend it. It's in our genes. There's no Right here and no Left; to the outside we're one."

"You're leaving the country now. We've prepared you a small pamphlet. Against every lie that's disseminated, we've written you the truth. In this war we're all emissaries," the pamphlet added.