3 arrested for 'attempting to rebuild Third Temple'

Police arrest 3 who performed a skit near Temple Mount in which they pantomimed constructing the Third Temple.

Tzvi Lev ,

The three at the police stattion
The three at the police stattion

Police arrested three activists on Sunday after they performed a skit near the Temple Mount pantomiming the construction of the Third Temple.

The three, who are members of the 'Students for the Temple Mount' advocacy group, had arrived at the Temple Mount clad in work clothes, hard hats, and carrying shovels. When queried, the activists said that they had arrived to rebuilt the Third Temple and were swiftly arrested.

Their attorney Moshe Polski decried the arrest, telling the press that the arrest infringed on his client's freedom of speech. "This is an incomprehensible arrest of a number of students who came to perform a skit in order to awaken the people of Israel on the day we mourn the destruction of the Temple. The Israel Police arrested the students without any justification and for no apparent reason," he said.

The arrest came as 1,400 Jews ascended the holy site to mark the Ninth of Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the two Jewish temples which were located on the Temple Mount.

Ten people were arrested on the Temple Mount Sunday, including nine Jewish visitors who were removed from the site for bowing on the Mount. One Arab youth was arrested after he confronted Jewish visitors, shouting slogans and waving a Palestinian flag.

Non-Muslims are prohibited from praying or making religious gestures on the Temple Mount, which is administered by the Waqf – a Jordanian-based Islamic trust.