Indictment: Arab killed three soldiers in accident

Defendant drives truck on Highway 6 hitting Hummer convoy; Sgt. Eshto Tespo, Staff Sgt. Bar Yakubian, Staff Sgt. Shilo Siman Tov killed.

Mordechai Sones ,

Hummer military vehicles
Hummer military vehicles
Flash 90

An indictment was filed today against Anwar Zina, a 44-year-old Jerusalem resident, for causing death by negligence and for frivolous and negligent driving causing a car accident.

According to the facts of the indictment, on February 13 this year, Zina drove a truck while towing another truck on Highway 6, on the section of the road between the Baka-Jatt Interchange and the Nitzani Oz Interchange.

Zina had been driving from 7:44 a.m. until 7:22 p.m. - the time of the accident, not adhering to required driving and rest times.

At that time, three Hummer military vehicles were traveling in a convoy before Zina at a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour in lighted and marked vehicles as required. At one point, due to difficulties encountered in continuing the journey by the leading Hummer, it veered off the road with the two other Hummers slowing down on the right lane, intending to follow the first vehicle off the road.

Zina, who was driving the truck in the right lane, crashed at a speed of about 83 kph into the back of the last Hummer, pushing it toward the middle Hummer, which in turn hit the lead Hummer. Then, as a result of the impact, the middle Hummer made a 180-degree turn on the road so that it was stopped, with its front facing the opposite direction, and on the right lane.

The leading hummer, at the time on the shoulder, was pushed to the safety railing and stopped next to it, while the truck continued on and pushed the last Hummer to hit the lead Hummer at the curb.

As a result of the accident, Staff Sergeant Eshto Tespo and Staff Sergeant Bar Yakubian were killed. A few days after the accident, St.-Sgt. Shilo Siman Tov also died of the injuries caused by the accident. Three other IDF soldiers were also injured.

The prosecution sought to disqualify Zina's driver's license until a ruling was handed down in his case.