Rabbinical courts:
Conservative rabbi married a 'mamzer'

Courts assert the reason for interrogation of Conservative rabbi in Haifa was that he married a 'mamzer,' in violation of halakha and law.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbinical Court in Haifa
Rabbinical Court in Haifa
Rabbincal Court spokesperson

The rabbinical courts reacted to the storm over the investigation of the Conservative rabbi in Haifa, claiming that police were instructed to investigate him after a court hearing revealed that he had married “according to the law of Moses and Israel” a man classified at the time as a “mamzer,” one born of an adulterous or incestuous relationship as defined by halakha, or Jewish law.

"This is a man who married those detained from marriage who were at the time mamzerim, something which is criminal and forbidden by law - something that every Jew who fears Heaven condemns. In addition, he evaded arranging registrations as demanded by law,” the court administration said.

It should be noted that such a marriage, which is contrary to halakha and the law, is liable to bear children barred from a large part of the Jewish marriage pool and create a halakhic obstacle for much of the Jewish people. A wedding ceremony for those detained from marriage is not only forbidden under the Marriage and Divorce Registration Ordinance, but also under the Penal Law.

Dov Hayoun was questioned on suspicion of an offense under section 7 of the Marriage and Divorce Ordinance, which prohibits private marriage and divorce, and establishes a two-year prison term for marriage or divorce without registration, and on suspicion of an offense under the Penal Law.

Israel Police also stated that "It is the duty of Israel Police to investigate any offense committed in violation of the law, particularly in light of the binding decision of a competent judicial institution in Israel. In this case, too, the police opened an investigation following a decision by the Rabbinical Court in Haifa according to which the court instructed police to investigate the rabbi after he violated the Penal Code and the Marriage and Divorce Ordinance in Israel. "

Police added that "In accordance with this judicial decision, earlier this week police called him for interrogation, but he chose not appear at the appointed time. In light of this, police were forced to detain him this morning for interrogation, after which he was released.”