GOP withdrew support because of 'Jewish elitists'

California candidate John Fitzgerald, a Holocaust denier with anti-Semitic views, claims Holocaust was a 'complete fabrication.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Fitzgerald claimed the Holocaust was a "complete fabrication."
Fitzgerald claimed the Holocaust was a "complete fabrication."

Republicans who denounced candidate for Congress in California John Fitzgerald after he was outed as a Holocaust denier did so because the GOP is run by "Jewish elitists," The New York Times reported.

Fitzgerald, who told The New York Times that the Holocaust was a "complete fabrication," is slated to run against Democrat Mark DeSaulnier in the November elections.

California's Republican Party initially supported Fitzgerald, but withdrew that support in May, the Times noted.

However, in a Thursday interview, Fitzgerald told the Times that the withdrawal of support was because both the Democratic and Republican parties are run by "Jewish elitists." He also said, "I have friends that are Jewish. I have no issue with any people. I have issues with people who lie. It’s the elitists who control it all."

Speaking last week on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's radio show, Fitzgerald said, "Everything we’ve been told about the Holocaust is a lie."

"My entire campaign, for the most part, is about exposing this lie."

Fitzgerald also blamed the hijackings on September 11, 2001, on the Israeli government and called on Americans to take note of "Jewish supremacy."

In a July 3 article titled "Why Are Powerful Jews Pushing Mass-Immigration And Forced-Multiculturalism Throughout The U.S. And Europe?" Fitzgerald wrote on his website: "I hope all of you ask yourselves why powerful JEWS are primarily behind the push of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness throughout the United States, Europe and other once predominantly white nations of the world and WHY many of our politicians allowing them to do so has led to rape and crime epidemics in its aftermath."