Terrorists harmed by their own explosive

Terrorists attempt to hurl explosive device at IDF troops in northern Gaza, but the device detonates in Gaza.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Arabs hurl rocks at Israeli troops on Israel-Gaza border
Arabs hurl rocks at Israeli troops on Israel-Gaza border

A number of terrorists attempted on Friday evening to approach the security fence with the intention of hurling an explosive device at IDF troops adjacent to Karni Crossing in northern Gaza.

The device detonated in Gaza and injured several Palestinians, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. No injuries to IDF soldiers were reported.

“Hamas uses different means of terror as part of violent riots, exploit the crowds, and endanger Gazans under the cover of the riots,” said the IDF.

Earlier on Friday, dozens of Arabs threw firebombs and rocks at IDF forces in Hevron until their ringleader was arrested in an IDF ambush.

A team from the IDF's 636th Battalion, which specializes in field intelligence, was able to identify the terrorist who led the violent activity.

This enabled a force from the Nahal 932nd Battalion to carry out a successful ambush, catch the suspect and bring him in to be questioned.

His arrest brought about the immediate cessation of the violent rioting.

Since March 30, Arabs have been holding violent riots along the Gaza border and have been using kites and balloons with explosives attached in order to set fire to Israeli property.

The so-called “March of the Return” protests have been openly encouraged by Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers.

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