Meet the Uber of tefillin

Wrapp is a mobile app that links people who own tefillin with those wishing to put on tefillin; 'High technology removes all barriers.'

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Mordechai Sones ,

Jew wearing tefillin smells flower at Mitzpeh Yitzhar, Shomron
Jew wearing tefillin smells flower at Mitzpeh Yitzhar, Shomron
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Meet Warpp: a new application that is actually a kind of 'social venture' that connects those who have tefillin with those who wish to put them on. It is the "Uber" of the tefillin. The concept is the same as with the popular application for car services, but with Wrapp 'service providers' earn a mitzvah rather than money.

Two brothers from New York are behind the application's development. According to the plan, the goal in the app's first stage is that at least 10,000 people download the application on which dozens of people have labored for the past two years. In the future they hope to see millions using it every day all over the world.

Israeli soldier puts on tefillin
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As in similar cases, so with Wrapp - it all started by complete accident. One of the entrepreneurs wanted to speak to his friend in Israel, but the latter had to cut their conversation, saying "there's someone who waits for me every Friday to come and put on tefillin."

"You mean to tell me he sits a whole week waiting for you to come to him on Friday morning to put on tefillin?" The friend replied in the affirmative. "It doesn't make sense, someone has to do something," decided the New York Jew who at this stage wishes to remain anonymous. He didn't abandon the idea until he came up with the application, in which he invested much resource and effort.

A few days after the application was launched, more than 4,500 users registered in Israel and many countries around the world.

"It could be your boss or your neighbor upstairs, with whom you haven't exchanged a word in four years; or your taxi driver, or you're stuck at the airport, or in the hospital; anytime and anywhere - there's someone who will immediately make sure you have a pair of tefillin," says the app video description in Hebrew and English.