Swedish Left crumbles:
Poll shows anti-migration party winning September elections

Rightist Democrats lead; New amnesty grants 9,000 Afghan asylum-seekers previously rejected not only asylum but free college education.

Mordechai Sones ,

Border town Tornia between Sweden and Finland
Border town Tornia between Sweden and Finland

Swedish journalist and commentator Peter Imanuelsen reports a new Sentio poll shows the rightist Sweden Democrat Party leading as Sweden nears its scheduled national election this September. Some observers have called Sweden's elections a tipping point for the future of the European Union and its continued immigration quotas.

"It seems like the Swedish people might now actually be waking up," Imanuelsen says. "There have been some new polls that show that the Sweden Democrat Party is now the biggest political party in Sweden.

"The Sweden Democrats are a right-wing, nationalist, populist party who are against mass migration into Sweden.

"In the latest poll conducted by the company Sentio, the Sweden Democrats get a whopping 26.1% of the vote. Meanwhile, the Socialist Party who are currently in government only gets 21.7% which is a catastrophically low result for them.

"And the funny thing is, the Swedish press and the politicians try and brush under the carpet these polls from Sentio because they actually give the Sweden Democrats higher results than any other polls. The thing is the Sentio polls have been the most accurate for the Sweden Democrats in the previous elections in 2010 and 2014.

"In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, the boss of the Sentio polling company says that the reason they're more accurate is that their poll is web-based, but the other polls are done by phone service, and the thing is Sweden is the Sweden Democrats are not considered politically correct, so people don't dare to be honest when they speak with the polling companies by phone. But meanwhile on their web-based, which is more anonymous, people are more honest with their actual opinions, showing the more true result, similar to what happened with Trump in America.

"Regarding how the Swedish press and politicians try to brush the polls under the carpet, the boss of Sentio says to the Norwegian newspaper, quote: 'It's completely paranoid; we're being accused of being bought and paid for... In Sweden, if you talk about migration you're automatically labeled as a Sweden Democrat, and it's completely cuckoo', unquote."

Imanuelsen offers a possible reason for dissatisfaction with the government: "There's been a new amnesty policy in Sweden. There are 9,000 Afghan asylum-seekers who had their asylum application denied. But the Socialist government in Sweden has just given them an amnesty. They're allowed to stay in Sweden, but not only that, they get free college education as well. All for the very nice sum of 355 million dollars from the taxpayer's pocket. I kinda get the feeling that many Swedes don't really like this - at all."

Sweden Democrats campaign sign

Photo shows signs in Ostermalmstorg subway station in Stockholm, Sweden, put up by the Sweden Democrats that read "Sorry about the mess here in Sweden. We have a serious problem with forced begging! International gangs profit from people's desperation. Our government won't do what's needed. But we will! And we're growing at record speed. We are the opposition and we promise real change. We are the Sweden Democrats! Welcome back to a better Sweden in 2018!"

This history of the Sweden Democrats was produced more than one year ago when they were the third largest party in the country. It is valuable for historical perspective and the question of Nazi ties to the movement: