Dangerous surprise in terrorist's pocket

As doctor treats terrorist shot trying to infiltrate Israel, he notices suspicious objects in terrorist's pocket.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Dr. Zeidman
Dr. Zeidman
Udi Ben David, Radio Darom

Dr. Eitan Zeidman of Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon described an intense incident that took place as he and his staff treated a terrorist shot as he tried to infiltrate Israel from Gaza.

Dr. Zeidman related that, as he and his staff set about treating the wounded terrorist, who was lying on a hospital bed, he noticed the presence of “two heavy objects in the terrorist’s pocket.”

“It wasn’t clear to me what they were at first, so I asked the nurse to cut the pants, and then I noticed that the two objects looked very suspicious, like explosives or grenades.

“At that moment, everyone was evacuated from the room, a bomb disposal expert was called, and the scene was further dealt with by police.”

Doctor Zeidman explained that he did not hesitate to continue treating the terrorist after the bomb threat had been removed, despite the danger the terrorist had posed to his life and the lives of his staff members moments before.

“There was no issue of feelings here. The issue is to save the person, and there’s no connection between what he did and his medical treatment.”

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