Car-ramming terrorist near Beit Lechem turns himself in

Terrorist who rammed into 3 soldiers in village of Husan turns himself in to security forces for interrogation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

arrest of the terrorist
arrest of the terrorist
IDF Spokesperson

During the night, following extensive security activity, the suspected terrorist involved in the ramming attack near Beit Lechem surrendered himself to an IDF force and the Shin Bet.

The terrorist was taken for interrogation by security forces.

According to initial reports, the ramming attack was carried out by a PA truck, and the driver escaped on foot.

In a statement last night, the IDF said, "Over the last hour, a Palestinian driver attempted to run over IDF troops during a security patrol in the village of Husan, northwest of Bethlehem."

"Three soldiers were lightly injured and were given medical treatment at the scene. They were taken to the hospital for further treatment."