Tapuach West:
Evacuation, demolition: 'What'd you expect from Supreme Court?'

Resident accuses government of responsibility for evacuation, demolition. 'If State says land isn't ours, what do you expect from Court?'

Yoni Kempinski ,

Expulsion, destruction: 'What'd you expect from Supreme Court?'
Expulsion, destruction: 'What'd you expect from Supreme Court?'
צילום: אהוד אמיתון/TPS

As security forces work to evacuate structures in Shomron's Tapuach West according to a ruling by the Supreme Court, local resident Moshe Hertzlich points a finger at the government.

"What we are seeing here is State insensitivity and impotence in everything related to Jewish construction the Land of Israel," he says.

"The Supreme Court ruling is point for point what the State declared in the Supreme Court, so if our state says the land isn't ours then what do you expect from the Supreme Court? If our country says it needs to remove the houses because they're not in our land then what do you expect?

"They threw away NIS 12 million here to evacuate six families. We, together with the Defense Ministry, found a solution a year ago, without asking a shekel from the State. We moved three houses out of the six, two are being moved now, and one that can't be moved, we built a new one its place," charged Hertzlich.

Kann Moreshet reporter Meni Shwatrz points out "the difficult scenes from the Tapuach evacuation are a little reminiscent of the first Amona eviction.

"The settlers claim there's no binding legal decision but rather a directive from the Defense Ministry. If that's indeed true, I wonder: Wasn't Defense Minister Liberman once a rightist?! Initiating a violent evacuation of Jews without being forced to?!"